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Burning Art Exhibition


Our project is to convert 100 paintings to NFT Art and then incinerate them to show the world what happens to them.
Historically, social changes and technological innovations have changed the definition of art, and art has presented new values to society.
Today, we are experiencing a social revolution in the form of digitalisation. And now, NFT (Non-fungible token), an innovative technology using blockchain, has been born.
We, Crypto Art Japan, will hold a "Burning Art Exhibition" in which we will digitize and NFT the actual artworks, blow up, and incinerate them.
We don't know what will happen when a real work of art is no longer a physical object that we can hold in our hands, but is completely digitised, and what new values will be born from this.
Why don't you join us and take a leap forward in the social revolution of digitisation using the innovative technology of NFT?
We may or may not offer new values to society. We may or may not leave our mark on the history of art. We are looking for artists who are willing to take part in such a bold experiment and show us the future of art.

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Short Introduction

We gather 100 two-dimensional artworks (mainly paintings and other scannable works) to be scanned, digitised and converted into NFT.

The original artworks will be blown up and incinerated on Mt Iwafuneyama, but the NFTised artworks will be auctioned with the proceeds going to the artists.

Qualification: Artists

Entry fee: free of charge (postage paid by the artist)

Scheduled date of the burning:May 15th(JPN)

Place of the burning: Mount Iwafuneyama

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Call for Artists

How to participate

  1. Please contact Crypto Art Japan using the form below or the email address. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to get further information.

  2. Send us your works. You may submit more than one piece.

  3. We will scan and digitise your works.

  4. We will issue an NFT of your work.

  5. The original works will be incinerated with a total of 100 paintings, and the incineration will be broadcast to the world.

  6. The digitised works are going to be auctioned.

  7. 70% of the proceeds of the auction is to be returned to the artist.

  8. The artist will also receive a commission from the second and subsequent transactions.

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What is NFT?

NFT (non-fungible token) is a unit of data stored in a blockchain (digital ledger) that can represent the unique value of a digital item. NFTs are cryptographic tokens that allow for the transparency of the transactions and the accurate transfer of rights. The application of NFTs to art could make digital art unique, thus marking the dawn of the digital art era.

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The History of NFT

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CryptoPunks was released as the first NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.


Banksy's screenprint "Morons" was incinerated and converted to NFT


2021-03-22 (2).png

Beeple's NFT art sold for $69million on Christie's



May  7

Deadline for entries

Please send your work to the address  (Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Seiko Roppongi Building 4F, 7-21-22 
Printmaking Studio Artie
Tel: 03-6721-1850) on May 7th.

May 15

Exploding Day

100 paintings will be blown up and set ablaze in a video.



The works that have been digitised and incinerated will be auctioned on OpenSea.


Xth Trade

In the event of a second or subsequent sales of a sold work, the transaction will be accurately recorded and a portion of the profits will be returned to the artist.

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See wonderful pieces down below↓​

for more works, visit our instagram

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If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.

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1.Are the works you exhibit analogue?

Yes, they are. We will be scanning and digitising "hand-held" works on canvas, etc., issuing NFTs for the works, and then blowing them up and setting them ablaze.

2. Is there a size requirement for scanning the work?

No. The maximum size that can be scanned at one time is 840mm x 1100mm and 100mm thick. If the work is larger than this, we may need to cut it into pieces before scanning, but we will contact the artist to ask for permission before doing this.

3. Can the digitised work be adjusted?

The scanning of your artwork for digitisation is carried out by "Artie Inc", an internationally acclaimed print studio specialising in the scanning of artworks. Colour management will be done during the scanning process, but if you wish, we can send the scanned data to the artist for colour correction.

4. Is there a participation fee?

We do not charge artists a participation fee for this project.
Artists will be asked to pay for the shipping of their work.

5. Who owns the copyright of the work?

As with most art transactions, the copyright of the work in this project belongs to the artist.

Mailing address for artwork

Please fill out the application form below before sending your work.

Thank you very much for submitting your work to the Burning Art Exhibition.
We would like to inform you of the following two points

1.Please introduce this project to other artists.
If you know any artists who are interested in this project, we would be grateful if you could introduce this project to them.

2.About the delivery of the work.
Crypto Art Japan has outsourced the scanning of the artworks for digitisation to the print studio "Artie"( They will also carry out the colour management.
Artie is an internationally acclaimed company that specialises in the scanning of artworks.
Artists are kindly requested to send their works for the exhibition to Artie Print Studio.
I am afraid that artists are to pay the shipping costs.
Also, as this project is on a tight schedule, we would be very grateful if you could send your work as soon as possible. The final deadline for delivery is 6th May.
Finally, please remove the frame from the work and send it with the work.
The following is a reminder from Artie about the shipping process.

1. All items sent by post, including the original artwork and packing materials, cannot be returned.
Please understand in advance that we cannot return any of the items you send us.

2. We are not responsible for any damage to the artwork during the shipping.
However, we will be happy to correct any damage to the data.
Shipping address↓ 
7-21 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Seiko Roppongi Building 4F, 7-21-22 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Printmaking Studio Artie
Tel: 03-6721-1850

4. Please clearly write the name of the work and the artist on the back of the work.

5. Any delivery company is acceptable, but if you wish to specify the date and time, please cooperate with the following points
It must arrive on a weekday.

6.Please write "Burning Art Exhibition" in the remarks column of the invoice.
Recommended artwork size

7.We recommend 840mmx590mm.
The maximum size is 841mmx1,100mm and the maximum thickness is 100mm.

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What is Crypt Art Japan?

Crypt Art Japan is a group of projectors (planners) whose mission is to propose new artistic values from Japan. This project is just the beginning. We are planning to propose more values. Stay tuned.
Crypt Art Japan has no business or capital relationship with Mugen no Hajimari or CryptoGames, and is only a group of individuals.

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Artie, Inc.

We support the Burning Art Exhibition as a joint partner

We believe that the art scene is transforming with the times, and we have been pursuing further evolution. Based on our many years of experience working as an art studio in Japan and the US, we are supporting the Burning Art Exhibition as experts in the field of digital art.
We have been by the side of art for a long time and we would like to contribute to the development of a new concept.

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Japan Art Business Association

Cooperating organisation

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Comprehensive tie-up​

Cryptoartitalia and Crypto Art Japan will together promote the integration of art and NFT

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Project staff


Project organiser

田代 正義

Masayoshi Tashiro

Mugen No Hajimari ​CEO

Waseda University​


Project organiser

小谷 祐介
Yusuke Kotani

The University of Tokyo

de5909d8-6b0a-4294-93ab-774879b8398c (1)

Technical support for NFT conversion

小澤 孝太
Kota Ozawa

CryptoGames CEO


Technical support for digital scanning

加藤 泉

Izumi Kato

Representative of Artie, Inc.


Project staff

高橋 雅貴

Masaki Takahashi

Waseda University


Project staff

谷古宇 真巳
Mami Yakou

Dokkyou University

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